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Many years ago, under the wing of a wonderful mentor in the field of sectional title insurance, and homeowners association insurance, I embarked upon a journey to follow in his footsteps. The sectional title insurance industry was not well known at the time, so to say the journey was an adventure would be the understatement of my career.

Forming part of a managing agent, that was ever-growing and always evolving, as the knowledge of this industry increased my passion for what I do increased along with it.

What a benefit to me, as not only were my insurance skills honed but my knowledge of Sectional Title and this industry as a whole helped shape me into the expert in this field that I am today.

TI Brokers comes from humble beginnings. What started as the in-house brokerage for Whitfield Property Management, at the time a half-day position, had grown exponentially over the years. After a while, the division turned into a separate entity—focused solely on assisting managing agents in a support capacity—known as Amiti Solutions. However, the itch was there. And it was being scratched by the amazing people in this industry and the time came where I knew I needed to take the leap of faith and go on my own. The decision to purchase Amiti Solutions Insurance Brokerage, which has now become TI Brokers Pty Ltd, came naturally.

I would be remiss to not mention the help and mentor-ship I received from John Whitfield over the past two decades. How do you describe 20 years of input? One word comes to mind and that is: GRATEFUL. For those I have not mentioned by name—you know who you are—who have been instrumental in my life and have made me the woman I am today: the proud owner of a business with a purpose.

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