What Is Insured? Personal Lines Liability

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What Is Insured? Personal Lines Liability

WHAT IS INSURED ON MY POLICY? – Personal Lines Insurance Part 4


This is our last week looking at what is insured on the personal lines policy. Here we look at the personal cover under Liability section and what is called Special Risks section.

Under this section the cover for liability is in place, on the above you will notice there are two sections one for personal liability and supplementary liability.

Personal liability is to cover you as the owner of the policy against any legal liability for accidental death, bodily injury, or illness of another person, or for accidental loss or damage to property belonging to another person. Here the cover is reflected as R 3 000 000.00 for a risk premium of

R 6.05 per month.

Supplementary Liability is a top-up liability designed to supplement any liability cover that may be provided. Here the sum insured is R10 000 000.00 for a risk premium of R 11.10 per month.

All insurers have special risks or additional sections that they add onto your policy as additional cover or assistance to you as the policy holder.

In the above picture there are two types of special risks that are part of the cover that is offered.

The first is called Emergency Home Assistance with the call centre number for a premium amount of R 18.16 per month. This allows for emergencies that happen at home with regards to possible electrical faults, plumbing problems, mechanical breakdowns, and possible locksmiths’ emergencies.

The second is called Motor Assistance Service for a premium of R 21.18 per month. This allows for roadside assistance for a flat tyre, flat battery, keys locked in the vehicle and off-site fuel assistance.

The above are specific to the examples however it is always good to look through your policy right until the end to establish what cover is offered and what cover that you have in place. There may also be addition benefits that could assist you in the event of an emergency and a claim that would not cost an additional expense as it is part of what is included on your policy schedule and part of the premium that is paid monthly. If any clarity is needed it is best to approach your broker to explain the cover in place.